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Chris Cappello

I write sometimes. Sometimes people read what I write, but not often.

I like to smell everything in Yankee Candle and pretend I'm traveling to far off lands. I don't like too many "nah nah's" in songs. I like my coffee black.

I recorded a solo album in 1998 with 9 original songs and a cover of "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" because I knew the chords. Hardly anyone has heard it.

Tippy’s Demise by Stars of the Lid (2007)

@starsofthelid It’s almost impossible to survive without music in a job where I need to create all day.  I need something to kill the ambient office noise.  People’s whispered conversations, keyboards typing, phones ringing, papers crumbled and thrown into garbage cans, staplers stapling, copiers copying, busy bee workers […]