Song of the Day

Sonic Reducer by Dead Boys (1977)

Don’t need anyone, don’t need no Mom and Dad / Don’t need no pretty face, don’t need no human race / I got some news for you, don’t even need you too – @DeadBoys

I’ve been shaving my head once a week for about two and a half years now.  I wanted to make it to 40 without having to go the shaved head route and I did.  Once I reached that magical age, it was apparent that the thinning hair was too much to pretend I didn’t see in pictures.  This is one area where I lack vanity, so off with my hair.  I don’t need it anymore.  Every Sunday, like clockwork, I put the #1 attachment on a pair of clippers and go to work.  Here’s the weird part: I still shampoo my hair every single time I take a shower.  There’s nothing to shampoo, but I still go through the ritual that existed for the 40+ years prior to shaving my head.  I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.  I enjoy it.  I also don’t plan on not listening to goddamn, 100% certifiable punk classics like this song.  I may age, lose my hair, and perform meaningless tasks like shampooing a bald head, but I will never stop listening to punk.  Never.  I’ll be an 88-year-old man in a nursing home, asking a sexy nurse to shampoo my bald, liver-spotted head, and to turn up this fucking song.  Don’t let me DJ your next trip to the barber shop or this is what you’ll get.

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