Song of the Day

Masterpiece by Big Thief (2016)

You saw the masterpiece / she looks a lot like you / Wrapping her left arm around your right / Ready to walk you through the night@bigthiefmusic

If challenged, I could probably drink an entire pot of coffee, eat 100 hot wings, pound a 12-pack of quality IPA, and blow up an inflatable bounce house with my mouth, all in one afternoon.  I’ll try anything.  Life is about living with no regrets, right?  As Flea once sang, “But the Butthole Surfers said it’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.”  Meta is referencing a reference.  My wife always thought my brother looked like Flea and he does a little bit.  I made a film about my brother’s wedding weekend in Vermont.  It’s really good.  In the film, for the dinner cruise on Lake Memphremagog, I used The Band’s classic “When I Paint My Masterpiece”.  And we’ve come full circle.  I like this song a lot.  What I like even more from this NY band is that the dude is wearing an old school Empire State Games Adirondack jersey.  Hook me up, my man.  I want that.  Don’t let me DJ your Man vs. Food challenges or this is what you’ll get.


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