Song of the Day

Into the Groove by Madonna (1987)

Music can be such a revelation, dancing around you feel the sweet sensation / We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right, I hope this feeling never ends tonight – @Madonna

This is not a guilty pleasure.  I don’t believe in guilty pleasures.  I stopped believing in them years ago.  Why the hell should I feel guilty about something I genuinely enjoy?  Unless it’s something immediately harmful to me or my family, why should I feel guilty about deriving pleasure from food or drinks or music?  I shouldn’t, so I don’t.  I understand moderation, but I also understand pleasure.  I like pleasurable things.  If I want to eat a greasy slice of meat-lovers pizza, I’m going to eat it.  If I want to drink four…teen IPAs, I’m going to drink them.  If I want to play “Into the Groove” on my deck or in my car, that shit’s getting turned up.  I derive joy and pleasure from these things and no amount of ball-busting is going to change my mind.  I guess in an odd sort of way, me going out of my way to say I don’t feel guilty, actually signals that I feel a little guilty.  I guess I’m guilty of that.  Don’t let me DJ your Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or this is what you’ll get.


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