Song of the Day

Jellyfish by Ghostface Killah (2006)

Hey yo, here’s a little story ghetto love situation, ’bout a girl I met who had many temptations / She was so fly, get high, well understood, big-ass big brains and straight out the hood – @GhostfaceKillah

I want you to try something the next time you fly.  This is something anyone can do and will make you feel like a million bucks when you land.  It doesn’t matter how long your trip is.  You could take a 45-minute puddle jumper to Scranton or a 15-hour 747 to Tokyo, doesn’t matter.  Here’s what you do.  After the plane lands, pulls up to the gate, and everyone does their little “get the fuck off the plane” routine, reach into your carry-on bag and pull out your headphones, if you don’t already have them on.  Get a good pair of headphones, preferably noise-canceling, but any decent pair will work.  Once the sheep ahead of you file their way into terminal hell, slowly follow behind while cueing up this song by Ghostface Killah.  Turn the volume up and get ready.  As soon as you enter the terminal, hit play.  I swear, with every fiber of my being, whether you’re walking to your next gate or out of the airport, you will feel like the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Walking through the airport and listening to this song is like being the star of the most bad-ass movie ever.  It will instantly make you smile.  Look the other passengers in the eye and wink at them as you saunter by.  Point at the airport staff and say “What’s up?”.  Bob your head a little, grin, and give a small shake of your head as you step on the escalator right in front of an exasperated family with screaming kids and uncooperative strollers.  It’s your world; we’re just living in it.  You can thank me later.  Don’t let me DJ your in-flight beverage service or this is what you’ll get.


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