Song of the Day

Promises by Monophonics (2015)

“I knew a man / who lied to the world / hid from the truth / lived a life with no rules”

You feel it.  Something happens in the hips, a subtle gyration, caused by the first 25 seconds of this song.  The music has a chemical effect on your brain.  It releases endorphins, adrenaline, gets you to sway.  It makes you want to put your hands around a woman’s waist and gently glide from side to side as you steal a whiff of her hair and neck without being too obvious.  Never mind that this song speaks to a man who lacks commitment.  This is the good stuff.  Music to feel something primal, to expose urges, to make babies to.  If you listen to this more than once, you’re lovesick and need to listen to something else.  Don’t let me DJ your wedding or this is what you’ll get.



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