Something New to Worry About

So now it appears I have something new to worry about: cleavage wrinkles. Yeah, that’s right. Cleavage. Wrinkles. Because, you know, there’s not enough going on the world to keep me up at night. Until I read this article in the NY Times (the NY Times!! The Grey Lady! […]

Anti-Social Media

I was liberated today, or, what is it called when you chew off your own umbilical cord?  Birth?  Dogs and other animals chew off their own umbilical cords.  Now, I cannot imagine doing that.  As a matter of fact, I nearly passed out and cut my daughters big toe off when attempting […]

It Was a Waterfall, Bro

When my friend Chris Cappello, affectionately referred to as “Square Seed” in the world of blog, called me to discuss the idea of being a contributing part of a melting pot of stories provided by various friends of his, I was, in no short order, humbled. It was […]

Seed View for August 1st, 2011

Please refer here for a quick refresher before continuing. This is a view of the other side of the street from earlier today.  Apparently our hero continues to have issues with furniture slipping out of his buddy’s truck.  Or his wife got sick of his shit and decided […]