Song of the Day

Under the Mango Tree by Diana Coupland (1962)

Underneath the mango tree, me honey and me can watch for the moon / Underneath the mango tree, me honey and me make boolooloop soon

It’s James Bond Friday, or #JBF as we like to call it, at the Square Seed Worldwide Headquarters in Gstaad, Switzerland.  Fridays are when we spend our days in creative nirvana while being serenaded by the dulcet tones of the John Barry Orchestra as they play all of the classics from the old James Bond movies.  We’re already dressed for Casual Friday, we might as well pair it with James Bond Friday to really add some class and pizzazz to the day.  Our productivity skyrockets when “007 Takes the Lektor” blasts through the office Sonos.  It’s like a musical shot of an espresso doble.  People running around ideating, brainstorming, making decisions, getting shit done.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Then, at the end of the day, when we’re drenched in sweat from the awesome display of brain power, we take a breather, grab a Lime Rickey, and switch on a little Diana Coupland to wind down and get in holiday-weekend mode.  It’s time to grab a sexy co-worker, clink glasses, and make boolooloop soon.  Don’t let me DJ your Casual Fridays or just is what you’ll get.


Square Seed Worldwide Headquarters – Gstaad, Switzerland

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