Song of the Day

De Noite Na Cama by Erasmo Carlos (1971)

“De noite na cama / Eu fico pensando / Se você me ama / E quando”

I can smell this song.  I’m serious.  Pheromones, a certain funk, penetrates the part of my brain that conjures up memories, whether they be real or fabricated.  I smell bodies and heat and imagine men and women slowly swaying back and forth with hands up and heads down.  A day or more’s worth of lust and play mixes with the heat to create a scent of freedom and beauty and sex.  It taps into the basest of emotions and instincts.  Cavemen would have understood this song just as much as we do.

If there is a song made to be played at 2 in the morning with friends after a sweaty night of drinking and laughter, this would be it.  And it’s more fun to sing in Portuguese than English.  Just make sure you’re outside.


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