The Elements of Style


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Lets talk about the greatest book ever writed about writing. The elements Of style buy Strunk and White. Thats right. This’s the book you want if you want to learn about comas and periods and parent thesis and ellipticals among other, stuff. Its the best tool; you could ever use for righting. And it helps with grammar to. And things like compound sentences. And sentence fragments. Their, are literally 1000000s of ways this book will help you irregardless of how good you think you all ready write. This is the best book ever even if it doesnt help me with speling. Said my friend Maurice.  With our education, system in the news: it seems like this book should be a book that teachers give to they’re students. Farthermore this wood be good for people from different countries when they come here. We wood n’t want them even more so confused than their are. Obviously. So go by this book as soon as you can. Give it as gifts to you’re friends and families’s. And make shore, to carrie it where ever you going to.

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