Seed Views

Seed View for June 16th, 2011

This is a view of the Fireman’s Phone Jack in the stairwell of my apartment complex in Stamford, CT at lunchtime today.  Notice the cigarette butt sitting on top of the box.

I don’t smoke, but I also don’t care if other people do.  To each his own.  But if you do smoke, is it too much to ask to take care of your cigarette butts properly?  This butt could have been put anywhere, but someone knew the irony in putting a butt right on top of the Fireman’s Jack.  It is so much easier to just flick the butt onto the ground, but no, they had to strategically place it right on top of the Jack.  I have smart, witty hipsters in my apartment.

There’s so many comedic possibilities with terming it a “cigarette butt” and I’m sure many stand-ups have material on this.  I’m clueless as to where the term came from.  Is it called a butt because it’s the back end of the cigarette?  And what about the Brits?  They call a cigarette a “fag”.  Would you rather smoke a butt or smoke a fag?  It’s one of life’s eternal questions, right up there with “Is there a God?” or “Does heaven exist?”

Judging by the green writing, I think this was a menthol cigarette.  If that’s the case, it wasn’t a hipster that committed this heinous act.  Hipsters only smoke Natural American Spirit.

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