Song of the Day

Boyfriend by Marika Hackman (2017)

“You came to me for entropy and I gave you all I had
He makes a better man than me
So I know he won’t feel bad”

As mentioned before, I tend be a creature of habit mixed with weird idiosyncrasies.  I caught myself in a moment earlier when I was reheating last night’s dinner for today’s lunch (#thuglife).  As I watched the countdown on the microwave approach zero on my leftover chicken and brown rice, I realized I could probably stop it at any time and it would be warm enough, but I had to let it get to zero.  I couldn’t stop it early and have to mentally deal with those remaining seconds.  As it is, whenever I walk by a microwave and see that someone took their food out early and the time still says 24 seconds left, I have reset it to zero.  Those remaining seconds, forever frozen in microwave hell, will haunt me for the rest of the day.  So when I reheat something, I set the time in 30 seconds increments, of course (I’m not an animal).  I let it run its allotted time, then remove and eat.  I may check the temperature halfway through, but I’ll have to stop the time at an appropriate number like 30 seconds or maybe 45 seconds, if I’m feeling saucy.  I would never ever ever stop it at 37 seconds to check the temp or remove it.  No way.  The Earth would fold in on itself.  I’ll accept the names of any reputable therapists to get this under control.

Being a creature of habit hasn’t always translated to my musical tastes.  I’m all over the place with music.  I will listen to any song in any genre by any artist to see if it sticks with me.  There are genres and artists that I’m pretty sure I’ll either like or dislike and they’ll be mentally categorized accordingly, but everything else is game.  However, I noticed a few years ago that I started listening to more female artists or female-led groups than I ever had.  It wasn’t a conscious effort, it just kind of happened.  It probably started with Beach House and Best Coast, then migrated to Sylvan Esso, Courtney BarnettWaxahatchee and others.  Simply put, they write fucking great songs.  I love what they’re doing.  Marika Hackman falls in the same category.  Her songs are catchy.  They have some bounce to them and enough of “it” to keep me listening.

I don’t even really like explaining this the way I do — mentioning female artists — but I have to in order to explain my own tastes continuing to broaden.  It’s really the same as explaining my recent interest in mid-70’s lesser-known albums by famous artists like Neil Young’s On the Beach and Bob Dylan’s Planet Waves, but in this instance it’s broadening my tastes to include more female artists.  OK, enough of that.

My goal for the week is to now force myself to take food out of the microwave before the timer goes off.  Then I can move onto setting the TV volume to a number other than 20, before finally forcing myself to pee standing up.  There’s hope for me yet.


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