Seed Views

Seed View for June 30th, 2011

This is a view of the juice my son left in a 46 oz. apple juice container earlier tonight.  My younger daughter went into the refrigerator to get a drink and found this sitting on the shelf.  I don’t know whether to laugh, get mad, or be thankful that he not only likes apple juice, but is considerate enough to think that other people may like apple juice too.  There’s just enough here to fill a hummingbird’s beak without a drop to spare.

Only little kids can get away with this without any repercussions.  Adults can’t do this.  Adults can’t leave a quarter-cup of Lucky Charms in a cereal box and not expect to hear about it the next morning, but kids can.  Adults can’t leave a few stray potato chip crumbs in the bottom of the bag and think someone won’t give them hell about it, but it’s not a capital crime if a kid does it.  Adults can’t leave half a glass of wine in a bottle and think someone won’t be offended, but it’s totally cool if kids do it.

Hell, men can’t even leave the toilet seat up when they use the facilities without getting bitched at by women for not putting the seat down.  This has nothing to do with apple juice, but I’m just saying.  Why do we have to put the seat down?  Why can’t women put the seat up, huh?

I get sidetracked easily.  The Robin Williams comedy classic RV is on TBS right now.  It’s distracting me and I’m not thinking straight.  I don’t think Robin Williams was thinking straight when he accepted this role.  It’s not acceptable that I’m watching it, but it’s perfectly OK for my son to enjoy it because he’s a kid.  Somehow, we’ve come full circle.

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