The White Birch Tree on I-88

white birch

I see you sitting there every morning
Leaning to the left as I head east
The lonely white birch tree on I-88
I don’t know if I should envy your independence
Or sympathize your loneliness
I wonder how you got there
Stranded on the median of an interstate highway
No other trees anywhere near you
No one around to care for you
Yet there you stand for all to see
Jutting out at a 30 degree angle
Like a teenage girl in a high school hallway
With her books resting on her hips
I picture walking up to you
Carving my name in your trunk
So you’ll know who’s been thinking of you
Because you can’t provide shade for someone
You can’t hold a hammock or a clothesline
You can’t decorate someone’s backyard
You can’t offer yourself for fire
You can only sit and watch people drive by
Without them ever noticing you
I picked a theme song for you
“A Forest” by The Cure
He says, “I’m lost in a forest, all alone”
It’s obvious, I know, but I have a hunch
You’re a bit goth, a bit mysterious, I can tell
I see you sitting there every evening
Leaning to the right as I head west
I chase the sun home, unaware of what awaits
But you don’t have to worry about that

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